continue to explore

 I miss the characters after reading a good book. When I finished writing this book, I didn't want to let the characters go, either.  Here are some activities  to explore either on your own, with a friend, at a birthday  party or with your book club.

a few ideas

do something
Makeovers--without Kat, of course
Make an appointment at a local beauty school for manicures or at a local makeup counter. Sometimes, they'll even come to your home to host parties.
Picnic-- check out menu ideas from Glamour
Go outside and observe nature. Take a notebook and journal what you see.
Horseback riding--see what Duncan loves about his pony
Do you live near a local stable?  Take a trail ride or just visit and learn about the horses.
Research--don't mistake something for a chameleon!
Visit a local heritage center and learn more about the native people in your area.
Sporting events--are you a sports lover like Duncan and Bunny?
Either start a pickup game of basketball or soccer, or support local teams by cheering them on!
Less strenuous--do you like the games the Naturals play?
Maybe Rock had a horsefly to play with, but you and your friends can play tag together.
Canoe trip--don't touch the branches!
Kayaks , rafts and canoes are fun. Plus, they allow you to see wildlife.  Wear your life jacket. If the river has a rocky shore, look for stones with water-bored holes in them.
Bowling--without the Roly Poly
Go to a local bowling alley and see how many pins you can knock down.

make something
Calendar--be like the basketball team and pose for a calendar
Grab a camera and take pics of you and your pals.  Many stores will make  professional calendars for a price, but you can also make them yourselves by printing off  the pics and putting them on your own paper.  This idea is a great way for book club members to remember the dates of meetings.
Vivarium--but let the creatures go!
Collect specimens from around your area and research them.  Learn about the environment in which they live.
Fairy tails--everyone is different
Gather a variety of materials (pipe cleaners, glitter, confetti,  feathers, fabric, paper,  imagination, etc.) Decide how your tale is going to look and then glue, tape, or sew it together. Join it to a simple square of fabric and safety pin it to your waistband. Voila!  It's not your ordinary fairy tail.
Water bottles--like on Duncan and Kat's picnic
Decorate your own bottles for a book club or party.  Simply tear off the paper wrapping.  Use it as a guide to trace the right size on the paper you choose to use.  Before taping or gluing it back on the bottle, decorate the paper with  slogans like "Glamour Guru" or "Kat+Duncan 4-ever" or whatever you like. Be creative!